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Block & Loose Parts Nook


A Space For STEM

  • Different types of blocks & textiles
  • Block play is builder of early language & math skills
  • Pattern making is a precursor to coding

Activities & Classes That Incorporate Block Play & STEM Deconstructed Play, Interactive Light Play, Process Art

Parent Resources

Reading Nook

Reading Nook Full of Books

  • Books for every age & developmental reading level
  • Reading to children increases their sense of security and self-worth
  • The process of flipping pages & pretending to read is an early learner trait

Activities & Classes That Utilize Books Babies Play Music, The Spanish Playground

Parent Resources

Dream Tree Lounge

A Space To Relax & Lounge

  • Quiet & soft places to land & read a book or explore a toy
  • Modular furniture can be arranged to promote quiet meditation or group play
  • Independent play builds executive function skill of mindful thinking

Parent Resources

Parent Resource Nook

Parents Can Find Support & Refuge In Our Space

  • A comfy corner to feed a baby, read a book or spend time with your preschooler
  • Our library contains parenting resource books & magazines
  • Check out Harvard Serve & Return articles displayed on the wall
  • Little ones can also enjoy this space for exploring a book or working on a puzzle
  • Calming nature sounds fill the air under the tree

Experimental Play Nook

Find Something New Here

  • New items added to our toy library will appear here first

Velcro Wall

STEM Skills Are Put To Use Here

  • Children explore design through trial & error
  • Social play experiences & leadership skills develop as they work together to build systems
  • Through failure children are able to learn about supply/demand & consequences

Classes & Activities That Promote STEM Skills-  Deconstructed Play, BEAM, Interactive Light Play

Parent Resources

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