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Toddlers Play Music Tues
Learning Studio


Learning Studio
at The Urban Chalkboard

Designed & Guided By

Tonya Beregson-Dana PHd

Play Coach Specialist

Tonya Beregson-Dana PHd


Jessica Beer PHd
Jessica Beer PHd


Mar 05


10:15 AM


$15 - $17

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Executive Function Skills
Parent & Me
Play Coach Guided
Socio-emotional Skills

Toddlers Play Music

Toddlers Play Music gives children who are developing their communication skills an outlet to explore their voice combined with sign language and and repetition. Guided by Dr. Tonya, your toddler will explore the guitar, piano, and percussion instruments. This class is designed specifically for the developmental needs and abilities of children 18 months- 3 years of age.
Toddlers Play Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together as we sing, move, and play!
This class is created specifically for the developmental needs and abilities of the following ages
18 – 36 month olds
with a caregiver
Last 30 minutes. Stay & Play in the cafe for the day- only $5!
This class is designed for a parent and child. 
Grandparents, nannies & other caregivers are welcome to join in the class.
A parent may participate with more than one child.
$15 per child with a reservation
$17 walk-in if spots available
Play Music Punch Passes 
     -5 classes for $70
     -$10 classes for $135
There is no cost or commitment to register.
Class is paid for upon your departure
If you need to cancel give us a call 317.815.5711 or email

Music For Infants-

Exposure to music is a building block of learning for infants and aids in their development of memory and is formative to their language and social development. ….read more

Tonya Bergeson-Dana Play Cafe Owner

Tonya Bergeson-Dana PhD

Owner & Co-Founder
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