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Process Art
Learning Studio


Learning Studio
at The Urban Chalkboard

Designed & Guided By

Jessie Vince

Play Coach Specialist

Jessie Vince


Feb 21


10:30 AM


included with play session

Play Guide

Play Coach Guided

Process Art

Embrace the process, not the product. Process art allows your child to experiment and explore through a variety of art activities in the way that suits their interests. There is no right or wrong way to play, putting your child in the driver’s seat.
Children can relax, focus, and feel successful as they express themselves. Each week our instructor creates new and engaging art-focused provocations ideal for infants through elementary-age children. You’ll experience the joy of witnessing your child’s artistic interests and abilities grow and develop as they participate each week.
Last 30-45 minutes, or until participating children are ready to move on.
Toddlers 3 and under may participate with a caregiver
Preschoolers 4 and up may enjoy participating independently
Included With Play Session Admission
Choose a session around the time this activity is scheduled. 
Children may get messy
Plan to wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty


Early Art Exposure-

Do you know that early literacy skills can be bootstrapped to early art exposure with the result being a peaked interest in learning and building a strong foundation for developing reading skills as children enter elementary school  …..read more

Jessie Vince

Jessie Vince BEd

Play Coach Specialist & Events Coordinator
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