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Power Play Camps
Learning Studio


Learning Studio
at The Urban Chalkboard

Designed & Guided By

Whitney Kinkel

Play Coach Specialist

Whitney Kinkel


Jun 18


9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


$125 | sibling discount $20

Play Guide

Executive Function Skills
Play Coach Guided
Preschool Prep
Self-Help Skills
Socio-emotional Skills

Power Play 3's Camp

designed especially for 3 year olds

a three day camp June 18th - 20th | 9:30am -11:00a

Power Play is all about taking your 3-year-old’s independent “I can do it!” attitude and meeting them where they are to actually build out these skills.
Expect children to playfully engage in practical life skills like washing hands, snap/zip/button, wait a turn, recognize and label emotions, shoes off/on, calm down, staying close to an adult, identifying their own feelings, cleaning up, putting away, and much more.
We hope this camp will make your life easier by empowering your 3-year-old with tools to get them through the stuff of everyday life.
$125 | $20 sibling discount

-$25 non-refundable deposit/child to enroll
-Balance due, less deposit,  no later than May 1st
-Camp limited to 10 children
1.5 hours
Drop-off 9:30am 
Pickup 11:00am
Toileting & Accidents
Children must be potty trained or in a pull-up during camp. Parents will be notified of all accidents and will need to return if a change is necessary. 
Snacks & Drinks
Each child should bring a water bottle to camp. A snack of Goldfish Crackers will be provided. Alternatives if needed: Cheese Sticks, Veggie Straws or a Clementine Cutie. Please notify the Play Coach at drop-off of dietary needs/allergies
Staff may not administer  OTC medications. If you send a rescue medication it must be handed to the Play Coach at which point it will be stored safely. It must be taken with you at pickup.
A child should not attend camp if they have had a fever over 101, diarrhea or vomiting within 48 hours of camp start. Children exhibiting signs of illness during camp will be sent home.
Parents of a child exhibiting behavior that is disruptive to other campers will be notified immediately. Parent may be asked to return.
Parent & then emergency contacts will be notified. If our staff feels it necessary to call 911 they will be dispatched and care provided per their guidance.
Drop-off is at 9:30am
-Check-in at the front desk and head into The Learning Studio where you will sign-in with your Play Coach

-All belongings will remain with campers in The Learning Studio

-We recommend arriving within 5 minutes of camp start time and reserving time to play when camp ends

-Parents/caregivers are welcome to remain on-site and enjoy the cafe.
Pickup is at 11:00am
-Enter The Learning Studio to pickup your camper

-Sign out with Play Coach & gather personal belongings

-Check-in at the front desk if you would like to Stay & Play 

Late Pickups will be charged $5/minute after 10 minutes of camp ending

Questions about age or camp readiness?

Direct all inquiries to our play coaches by emailing experiencematters@theurbanchalkboard.com

Hourly Schedule

9:30 -
Arrive 5 minutes early to use the restroom & check-in
10:15 -
11:00 -
Children can be picked up in The Learning Studio
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