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Multiples Day
Play Cafe


Play Cafe
at The Urban Chalkboard


Mar 13


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Multiples Day

second wednesday of the month

Twins – Triplets – Quads – Oh My!

Parents of multiples can enjoy discounted admission on this day.
Twins, triplets & quads get half-price admission
Quints or more!?- your FREE!!!
A reservation is required
Outside food & drink are not permitted in the cafe or learning studio

We offer a healthy menu of small plates, snack & baked goods in addition to your favorite coffee, tea & espresso drinks–VIEW MENU

Water bottles, infant formula & breastmilk are always welcome.
Children must remove shoes and wear socks while playing
Forgot socks? Ask the front desk for a pair!
We will open a cafe tab upon your arrival. It will reflect admission in addition to food & drinks charges
Tab must be paid in full upon departure
Caregivers are responsible for supervision of children and their food consumption during the stay

Infant Sleep Patterns-

The learning that occurs during brief periods of wakefulness is likely consolidated during long periods of sleep, similar to memory consolidation processes observed in adults.  …..read more

JJessica Beer PhD Play Cafe Owner

Jessica Beer PHd

Owner & Co-Founder
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