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Deconstructed Play
Learning Studio


Learning Studio
at The Urban Chalkboard

Designed & Guided By

Jenny Santeramo

Play Coach Specialist

Jenny Santeramo


Feb 25


10:30 AM


included with play session

Play Guide

Block Play
Loose Parts
Play Coach Guided

Deconstructed Play

Build critical thinking skills through exploration of everyday objects in new and unusual ways. Loose parts play allows your child to use their imagination and autonomy to play in their own unique way.
Each week, our instructor creates new and thoughtful provocations to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of your child. There is no wrong way to engage with our deconstructed play materials.Watch as your child’s personality comes to life. You may see her take materials and create an artistic display. Or your son may bring dinosaurs into the play space and create an imaginative play scenario involving the animals. Perhaps your daughter is developing her STEM skills and will use our loose parts to learn about various engineering properties. 
The beauty of Deconstructed Play is that it’s different each week and will stimulate a new area of your child’s brain as they engage differently with the materials.
Last 30-45 minutes, or until participating children are ready to move on.
Toddlers 3 and under may participate with a caregiver
Preschoolers 4 and up may enjoy participating independently
Included With Play Session Admission
Choose a session around the time this activity is scheduled. 
Children may get messy
Plan to wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty


Guided Play-

When we design an invitation to play with light scaffolding that inspires a child to follow their natural instinct to explore and learn. The end result is developmental growth and building of executive function skills…..read more

JJessica Beer PhD Play Cafe Owner

Jessica Beer PhD

Owner & Co-Founder
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