Benefits of Lullabies, Nursery Rhymes and Other Songs for Children

Benefits of Songs for Children

Nearly every culture has had a special category of songs sung exclusively to babies, whether they are lullabies, nursery rhymes or some of our own creations handed down through the generations. We sing some songs to babies to calm them down and help them get to sleep (e.g., Rock-a-bye Baby in a Treetop) and other songs while playing with our babies and to get them to giggle (e.g., Skinnamarink a-Dink a-Dink). If you’re a parent (or a soon-to-be parent) who just read those song names without any recognition whatsoever, don’t stress out. You will be surprised at the songs that come out of your mouth that you had no intention of singing before you became a parent! In addition to your own tunes, corporations have created CDs with classical music designed to make babies smarter (e.g., Baby Einstein™ might play Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik) and music classes for parents and babies have also been introduced to the market (Kindermusik, Music Together®). Do these products and services actually work? Luckily, researchers have been following these trends to see what works and why.