Frequently Asked Questions

  • All parties must check-in at the front desk before entering the cafe
  • Admission is charged for children at or over 9 months of age unless specified otherwise in event or class details
  • $10 rate is only available for sessions reserved online
  • Walk-in rate applies to any session not reserved online prior to arrival.
  • Arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled reservation. The slot will be given to the next waiting patron if we have not heard from you.
  • Online reservations can be canceled or updated by calling 317.815.5711 or email
  • Adults must stay and supervise children unless attending and event or class with a drop-off option
  • Play capacity is 30 playing children. When at capacity we will no longer admit players until a player leaves. Reserve play sessions to guarantee admission.
  • Infants under 9 months of age are not counted towards our play capacity cap.
  • A waitlist option is available if you are denied admission while we are at capacity. You will be notified via text message when a spot opens. Your spot will be held for 30 minutes after your confirmation of return.
  • How do I find out if you are at capacity?
    • Choose the session you would like to attend on our activity calendar.
    • The number of remaining spots will be shown.
    • Reserve your session before it fills
  • Can I call for capacity updates?
    • Yes. 317.815.5711
    • We cannot guarantee a spot will be available when you arrive.
    • Reserve online before heading in to guarantee admission.
  • Children must play in socks. No bare feet.
  • If you are sick please stay home.
  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times
  • Please be kind and leave the area nice for the next person who may use it
  • Padded play area is for children under 18 months of age only
  • We reserve the right to ask children that are being disruptive to leave if they are interfering with the experience of others.
Food & Drink
  • No outside food & drinks are permitted in the cafe or learning studio
  • We offer a full-service cafe & healthy snack options to our patrons
  • Bottles of formula or breastmilk are permitted
  • Breastfeeding is fully supported anywhere in our facility
Punch Passes
  • You can easily buy a punch pass for someone else by choosing to send it as a gift, via email, at the time of purchase.
  • You can have multiple passes on your account. 
  • Punch Passes expire 6 months after date of purchase.
  • Punch passes are redeemed when checking out at the end of your play session
  • Passes are transferable to friends & family.
  • Party & Rental bookings are subject to availability
  • Each party or rental will be accompanied with it's own contract to be agreed upon before date of event
  • Adults must sign a waiver for each infant, toddler & youth (under 18yo) before entering the space.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who refuses to complete a play/liability waiver.
  • Can I fill out a waiver for a child that is not my own?
    • Yes, if you can provide all required information for both parent & child
    • We recommend contacting the parent and having them complete the waiver online
  • Waivers are valid for 1 year after signing
  • You can update/view the information on your waiver at any time
  • We do not share waiver information with third parties. Your privacy & security is of the highest regard
  • Our wifi is free and the password is on the big chalkboard above the velcro wall.
  • Two diaper changing stations are available. Ask us for emergency supplies.
  • Our lobby space is limited. Please leave your stroller at home or in the car
  • Cubbies are available for shoes

Have a question we should add to the list? email us at or call 317.815.5711