Invitation to Play

Looking for something new and fun to inspire your child’s creativity? Come to the Chalkboard for our weekly Invitation to Play! Each week, we will feature a new invitation with different elements to explore. What exactly is an Invitation to Play? It is when you set out a variety of interesting materials that invite children to come and play, investigate, explore, manipulate and/or create. Invitations can have a theme or be as simple as setting [ . . . ]

Reinvention Of The Working Mom

MOTHERHOOD rewires the brain to care for another human being in indescribable ways. Senses are heightened and others dulled. New instincts and skills emerge that before may have seemed impossible- ability to function on 20 minutes of sleep, smell the scent of your own child across the room, mitigate a cry with the simple sound of your voice or touch, maybe the skill of sustaining life with your very own milk. Talk about a return [ . . . ]

The Importance of Musical Exploration

Did you know that moms and dads across the world sing lullabies to their babies? There’s just something about the calming lilt of lullabies that has the power to soothe a fussy baby, not to mention help the caregiver to relax for a moment or even let out some pent-up emotions about a child who won’t go to sleep or maybe an absent spouse (have you ever paid attention to the lyrics in “Rock-a- Bye Baby”?). Music has been called [ . . . ]

Happy World Breastfeeding Week

It’s World Breastfeeding Week, and we want to celebrate families who have chosen breastfeeding as one means of providing nourishment to their children. How you feed your baby is a personal decision fraught with opinions from more places that you can count, and man can it be overwhelming! The Urban Chalkboard respects and supports your choice for your baby whether it be bottle feeding, nursing, breast milk, formula, or tube-feeding. As a working and breastfeeding [ . . . ]

Play- The Purpose of the Urban Chalkboard

Playtime for Kids We have all heard the news that play is on the decline in the US. From birth, families are inundated with toys targeting educational and academic achievement. Children are going off to preschool at the tender age of two to three years and many experience a classroom environment that involves passive learning, more direct instruction and less exploration. Many of us share the unreasonable expectation that our children should know how to [ . . . ]

Music and Play

-Tonya Bergeson-Dana investigates the role of play and music in early language experience and cognitive development in children with hearing impairment in an article originally published in ©BATOD Magazine • May 2017-   In their ground-breaking 1995 book Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experiences of Young American Children, Betty Hart and Todd Risley relayed findings from their longitudinal study on language acquisition suggesting that children from affluent environments might hear 30 million more words by [ . . . ]

Research to Real World: Preschool Prep… for Parents

“Research in developmental science shows us that children enrolled in preschool and kindergarten environments that provide opportunities for them to practice perspective- taking and controlling their own behavior and emotions in child-directed play-based programming show better academic skills several years later.” Learn how to prep for preschool   in Dr. Jessica’s  Research to the Real World  column in Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine! Read article here.

Research to the Real World: The link Between Play and Language

“After a few weeks, no matter how many times you bounce that mechanical dino or sing-along Elsa doll…your child just walks away and finds another piece of cardboard.” Read about the science behind play and language in Dr. Tonya’s Research to the Real World column in Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine! Read article here.

What is the purpose of kindergarten? Research to Real World: The value of learning through play

Learn what science says is the purpose of kindergarten in November’s issue of Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine! Read the article here. This article appears in our November 2015 issue of Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine. Pick up a copy today at your local Marsh store, YMCA, public library or community center.